Living on the ‘Edge’

It all started with me going after a couple months to one of my favorite places on earth, S. Pedro de Moel.

SΓ£o Pedro de Moel is a beautiful village in the Portuguese coastline and its beauty is far more special than what our eyes can see.

A combination of a pretty yet simple welcoming village, with great beaches that go along with so many gorgeous sights of the coastline, all surrounded by a truly breathtaking beautiful forest with so many inspiring places and hidden spots that genuinely creates a magical atmosphere that sucks you up into an indeed magical new world.

I could write for centuries about S. Pedro, about all the amazing moments I’ve lived there, all of its stories, nightlife, abandoned gorgeous places, beautiful landscapes, horror tales, shooting star nights and all about how that village is a secret piece of heaven.

By stepping foot across the imaginary line where society ends and S. Pedro begins, all the remaining underlying pieces of the mad matrix we are surrounded by in the “common” society are literally washed away from my consciousness, literally making every concept I’m unconsciously holding on to and it is not mine disappear with an hard to believe smooth and ease.

Just by being there, immersed in the magical presence of that place what is ‘not me’ vanishes and my real self comes forth.

Your essence naturally shines in a place where everywhere you look reflects it.

Where everywhere you look carries a magic, a beauty and a feeling of heaven that is transcendent to the world of forms, you get naturally awake and inspired, literally becoming an extension and a by-product of that blessed by mother earth and by all the stars in the sky heavenly place.

So, last week when I was there, what I got out of that magic was the remembrance, re-awakening, and the re-igniting of something I deeply love to do, something that took (and still takes) me very far and made (and makes) me grow in so many levels, which is … ‘Living on the Edge’ or in a literal translation from Portuguese, Living on the “Danger”.

Since the moment my journey of inner growing truly started I developed (more was pushed to :P) an unbreakable connection with that overwhelming powerful driven force, that is translated to me as the path of my highest excitement, guided each second and step of the way solely by my intuition.

In the past couple years I’ve sincerely performed some impossible miracles by going along with my intuition and stepping into the unknown … and boy that feels GOOD!

When you follow that driven force that is present everywhere but only you can see, stepping a lot of times into very risky and turbulent “waters”, going often through very dark “places” with nothing but trust in your intuition, faith in that wise driven force and when against all odds everything works out perfectly, magically and a billion times better than anything you could possibly imagine, you develop a very keen taste for living like that.

That for me is what ‘Living on the Edge’ means, to follow my inner/higher guidance above everything, everyone, to wherever it leads me, all the times and no matter what.

In an excited, fun and adventurous way I usually call it living on the “danger” because from the common paradigm it can look like deliberately and “stupidly” walking with a tremendous risky and very “dangerous grounds” where everything will definitely go wrong.

What people on the common paradigm don’t know is that the real “danger” is to be limited by those same common life paradigms they base their lives on, they truly don’t know that they are the ones in “danger” and so I developed a loving taste from breaking their limits for them. πŸ˜‰

And boy … the amazing life, the amazing moments, the beautiful places, the epic experiences, the gorgeous people, the beautiful souls and universal growth I would’ve missed if I hadn’t followed my heart and lived on the “edge”.

When my intuition is in command, my heart filled with faith and my body does not know where it’s going, that’s when I know I am truly living.

“Living on the ‘edge’ means breaking rules because we know that rules don’t make sense.

It means taking risks because we know who we are, we know and we have faith in a guiding force far greater than any danger or concern.

We trust where our heart leads and the more we trust the more the risks turn into beautiful prizes.

Through living on the edge we learn that the real risk is playing safe and never to know who we truly are and how amazing life can be.

We find ourselves when we lose security, thus only then we’ll find that no matter what we are always and forever safe.
We find ourselves when we ‘risk’ following our heart, thus only then we’ll find all the love it is guiding us to.
We feel truly alive when we step all in into the unknown, discover something new for the first time and live exclusively in the moment.
Time stops, and without time there are no problems, no definitions, no concepts, nothing to make sense or return to and no world to tell us who we are.

Our sense of life is turned upside down and in those moments we find ourselves and how lost we’ve been, we discover how life is supposed to be lived and we never go back to the way we used to be.

Life is found and lived on the edge and missing the life that is for you with all of its magic and all of its gifts … that’s the scariest risk.”, Filipe Moleiro

I leave you below with some pictures that I and Mariana took on our recent trip through S. Pedro and the Portuguese coastline, enjoy πŸ™‚

























(Pictures by: A Free Soul )


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